Fi:Yè Boys Apron

Fi:Yè Boys Apron


For when your little guy wants to help dad & mom in the kitchen.

Perfectly suited for his little body & all the messes.

Vintage inspired aprons designed by Essie Bartels and expertly executedly by the renowned Accessories designer Akosua Afriyie of AAKS Handcrafted.

Apron is 100% Cotton with accents of Malian Bogolan fabric for the trim. Buttons are made of brass  with Traditional Adinkra Symbols showing Ghanainan culture & style.

Hand stitched &  crafted with artisans that work in Kumasi, Ghana. No mass production in China; made with the utmost care, right in the heart of Ghana by artists that know & love their work . Easy to wash & durable

Available in Navy blue and Charcoal Grey.

Please hand wash with mild soap and lukewarm water or dry clean only. 

Charcoal Grey:
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